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Thursday, 23-Mar-2017, 8:10 PM
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Tạo menu đơn giãn bằng CSS

Bài 1: Tạo menu được bo góc bên trái:

<div id="navigation"><a href="#">Home</a></div> 
<style type="text/css"> 
#navigation a 

color: #000; 
background: #fb0 url("images/left_tab.gif") left top no-repeat; 
text-decoration: none; 
padding-left: 10px 


Kết quả:  
Giải thích: Trong đoạn code trên, bạn chú ý đến thành phần là <a href="#">Home</a>: Bạn có thể thay Home thành Trang chủ và dấu # thành link tương ứng

Bài 2: Xây dựng một menu một cấp hoàn chỉnh 

<div id="navigation"> 
<a href="/"><span>Home</span></a> 
<a href="/"><span>Services</span></a> 
<a href="/"><span>Products</span></a> 
<a href="/"><span>About Us</span></a> 
<a href="/"><span>Contact Us</span></a> 
<div id="border"></div> 

<style type="text/css"> 
/*Tao mau vang cho menu */ 
#navigation a span 

background: url("images/right_tab.gif") right top no-repeat; 
padding-right: 10px; 

#navigation a 

color: #000; 
background: #fb0 url("images/left_tab.gif") left top no-repeat; 
text-decoration: none; 
padding-left: 10px 

/*Doi mau thi di chuot len menu*/ 
#navigation a:hover 

color: #fff; 
background: #26a url("images/left_tab_blue.gif") left top no-repeat; 
text-decoration: none; 
padding-left: 10px 

#navigation a:hover span 

background: url("images/right_tab_blue.gif") right top no-repeat; 
padding-right: 10px 

#border {height:1em; background:#26a} 

Kết quả: 

Hai bài viết trên trích từ nguồn 

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Hey Rory,With the full plugin, you can <a href="http://rseher.com">crtaee</a> as many menus as you like. You can also <a href="http://rseher.com">crtaee</a> custom tags with image icons for things like spicy or vegetarian. It will not allow you to click on tags and see all items across multiple menus with that tag however. You would have to <a href="http://rseher.com">crtaee</a> a separate menu for vegetarian or spicy to have a list of just those items. We have intentionally left off Social Media integration because most themes come with that and there are thousands of plugins that do that well. This forum is the only support channel we can currently offer for our plugin customers.You can however hire us to build whatever you need:

hi we are a food hall in Dublin, Ireland with 10 different food ciuisnes or menus. We would like to use your plugin to easily input the various menu items, to add the menus, either individually or all in the one location to different pages on our website, to use filters or tags such as vegetarian' or low fat' or spicyiness flags' that could be also used by us in adding the menu items to our website but also perhaps allow the viewer of the website to select all the menu items that are vegetarian for example allowing them build their own menu . can your plugin help us with some or all of these items? is your plugin integrated with social media? can i call you for information? Do you have direct contact for support? many thanks, Rory

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